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"HipShotDot gives you laser-like precision in any first-person shooter" —GIZMODO
If you're wondering how to get better at FPS and third-person shooters, this is the answer. HipShotDot gives you an advantage in aiming and can deliver improved speed, accuracy, and reaction time. With an easy-to-see red dot on your screen, you no longer have to rely on the size of the reticule that the game designer chose. You can no-scope with ease!Using the HipShot red dot allows you to free up slots for other in-game attachments or perks, giving you a greater number of lethal combinations. HipShotDot is also “EMP proof,” so even if an in-game EMP takes out your sights, our USB-powered aim assist will keep your sights up.Take your performance to the next level with the ultimate red dot aim assist. Want to get better at Fortnite? Interested in improving your K/D ratio on any FPS or TPS? Our red dot aim assist is the fastest, easiest way to make it happen. Once it arrives, you're going to wonder how you ever gamed without it!


Hardcore Advantage

When you zoom, all too often you're also moving your reticule. Our red dot aim assist means less zooming, which means you aren't pressing down on the stick nearly as much and losing your target.Take a bead on your opponent faster, fire without finding your in-game reticule.Did an EMP take out your sights? No problem! You'll be the only one left with a permanent targeting assist.Make any weapon more accurate, even if the game designers didn't want it to be!Get better at FPS and TPS without years of grinding!


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small dot, big effect

Train you aim.
Improve no-scope accuracy.
Improve hipfire accuracy.
Red dot sight in any game.


Works with Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Counter-Strike, Doom, Gears of War, Overwatch, PUBG, Titanfall, Valorant, Destiny, Fortnite Warzone and 100s more!

works with TVs up to 84"

HipShotDot is best used with TV sizes between 32" and 84+"

simply plug & play

Plug HipShotDot's USB into any available USB port for power. Better than an Aimbot, train your aim, don't cheat.

reviews from some of the biggest players

hardcore mode?

No in game cross hairs?
No problem.

train your aim

Get on target faster and more accurately.

run and gun

No need to zoom in.
Increase your KDR!

superior quality

Airdrop Gaming is the original and only manufacturer of HipShotDot. We stand behind our product and performance with a 30-day no hassle return policy and lifetime warranty.