How does it work?

The HIPSHOTDOT is an on-screen red dot sight attachment.  Simply align with your in-game sights and attach to your television for better aiming, speed and accuracy.

What games can it be used with?

The HIPSHOTDOT is designed to work with any first person shooter style game on virtually any gaming platform.

What are the advantages?

HIPSHOTDOT gives you an advantage in aiming with improved speed, accuracy and reaction time. Using HIPSHOTDOT allows you to free up slots for other in-game attachments or perks, giving you a greater number of lethal combinations. HIPSHOTDOT is also "EMP proof," taking your performance to the next level.

How do I power the HIPSHOTDOT?

HIPSHOTDOT is powered by any 5v USB power source, on your gaming console or from an external USB power supply.

Where does HIPSHOTDOT attach?

Plug HIPSHOTDOT into a USB power source and simply attach to your TV screen. HIPSHOTDOT is temporary, and easy to remove when you’re ready.

How does it attach to the TV?

HIPSHOTDOT has two water-clear attachment points that easily attaches to your TV.  Simply align with your in-game sights to add a powerful addition to your arsenal.

How does it come off?

HIPSHOTDOT has been designed with a quick release design. When you are done gaming, simply pull up on the quick release tabs and HIPSHOTDOT will easily detach from your TV screen.

Will it work with my gaming monitor?

No, HIPSHOTDOT has been developed for TV use only, and is not to be used with laptop, gaming or PC monitors.

When will it ship? When will I get it?

Your order will ship within 24 hours.  If you select the standard shipping option, please allow 3-10 business days for delivery. Tracking is available.

What is the return policy?

HIPSHOTDOT is a quality gaming product, and we back that up with our return policy. If you're not happy with your purchase from, just contact us within 30 days and we will give you a full refund or replacement, with free return shipping.

HIPSHOTDOT is covered by a limited warranty.

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