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Increase your hip-fire accuracy.
Run & gun with confidence.
Target around corners in 3rd person.
Perfect your no-scope.

D-Series Death Dot Pack

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Color - Red, Yellow, Green

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Not every reticle is coded the same.
You probably don’t think about it much, but some in-gaming reticle sights are better than others. While you’ve probably noticed that they might be designed differently in order to match real-world weapons, you probably haven’t noticed that, by making some of your sights harder to see, it’s much more difficult to take a bead on your opponents...especially when you’re not zoomed in or scoping.
That’s where our D-Series Death Dot crosshair overlay stickers come in. The beauty of FPS and TPS games is that they always keep your reticle at the very center of the screen, even as everything else around you is moving. Since your sights are always in the exact same location, it’s easy to make them even easier to see by putting a crosshair decal on your screen. This decal will draw your eyes, making it easier to keep your enemy in your sights.



Leave your iron sights down and still know where your bullets are flying.
Our crosshair stickers are designed to leave no marks on TVs or computer monitors.
Apply, remove, and reapply these crosshair stickers over and over again.
Switch out depending on the game you play and your gaming style.
Wondering how to get better at FPS and TPS?
Theses crosshair sticker overlays are the easiest way to get better at Fortnite, Halo, COD, GOW, and hundreds of other games.
Dial in your quick-scoping, no-scoping, and hard-scoping.


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match your crosshairs to your game

Just beacause your're a sniper/shotty in Halo doesn't mean thats what you do in Battlefield. Swap in the aim sight that fits your play.


Compatable with all gaming consoles and works with 100s of first and third-person shooters.

D-Series ideal for pc monitors

D-Series 1.0 is best for screens up to 24"
D-Series 1.5 is best for screens 32" and larger

easy to swap out and reuse

Easy to attach and remove so you can use them over and over.

Quality material and design

Precision printing.
Mild adhesive backer for reuse and screen protection.
Crystal clear.
Oil and UV resistant.
Will not leave marks or residue.

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