Best Warzone Loadouts for All Types of Players

Best Warzone Loadouts for All Types of Players

Best Warzone Loadouts for All Types of Players

One of the features that separate Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone from other battle royale games is the ability to call in a Loadout Drop. These care packages contain a Loadout that you have put together from the game’s other multiplayer modes, allowing you to deck yourself out without worrying about what gear you’ll find along the battlefield.


In this post, we’ve outlined the best perks and loadouts for Warzone fun times to be enjoyed by all kinds of players.


Best Perks


  • Overkill - Does carrying two primary weapons sound good? Then you’ll want this red perk for sure. Particularly strong during the early game, Overkill allows your Loadout drop to provide two fully kitted out primary weapons. Deck a loadout out with your two favorite guns and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with just like that.
  • Ghost - UAVs won’t be a problem when you’ve got this red perk. As UAVs are quite powerful throughout a Warzone match, Ghost has become one of the most popular picks amongst the elite.
  • Cold-Blooded - Another pro favorite from the blue perk list thanks to its powerful synergy with Ghost. None of those dirty AI targeting systems, save for Recon Drones, and thermal scopes will be able to see where you are when you’ve got this. It’s especially strong if you’re running a sniper loadout and don’t want to trigger High Alert.
  • Tracker - Arguably the only yellow perk worth its salt, Tracker will grant you some added tracking capabilities. While some decent alternatives do exist in Tune-Up and Battle Hardened, being aware of where your enemies are is crucial in Warzone so ensure at least one member of your squad has this.


Now that we’ve gotten the best perks out of the way, it’s time for the fun part: the gear. We’ve categorized each loadout by player profile and playstyle preference.


For the Sneaky Silent Type


If going “Boom Headshot” from afar is your thing, then we’ve got a Warzone loadout for you. For your primary, pick none other than the HDR Sniper and pair it with the Overkill perk for the ultimate silent killer experience. Most Warzone fights happen at long range so be sure to scope out some vantage points and get ready to party when the guests arrive.


Keep your rear secure with a Proximity Mine and when the going gets tough, have a .50 GS Side ready to go so you can fight off anyone who manages to get close.


Primary: HDR Sniper w/ Variable Zoom Scope

Secondary: .50 GS Side w/ FORGE TAC Enforcer

Perks: Overkill or Ghost, Cold-Blooded, Tracker or Tune-Up

Lethal: Proximity Mine

Tactical: Smoke Grenade


For the Action Hero Type


If sitting around waiting for the fight to come to you makes you yawn, you want to have the right Warzone loadout before going to where the fight is. Of course, this is Warzone we’re talking about so firefights will typically happen at range so you’ll want something that can go beyond a stone’s throw, have a bit of oomph, and provide a lot of mobility. Enter the Kar98k. You’ll want to get comfy with quick scoping as this beast, kitted out with our recommended mods, becomes a beast that will allow you to move about freely while blowing up enemy heads.


Lethal and Tactical perks are your choice but we highly recommend at least grabbing a Smoke Grenade to give you some breathing room when the enemy gets the drop on you.


Primary: Kar98k w/ Singuard Custom 25.1, Sniper Scope and Stippled Grip Tape

Secondary: .50 GS Side w/ Monolithic Suppressor

Perks: Ghost, Cold-Blooded, Tracker

Lethal: Proximity Mine

Tactical: Smoke Grenade


For the In-Fighting Type


While likely not the best of ways to go about fighting in the early game, some people just like to sneak up on unsuspecting foes and gun them down with a good old fashion shotgun. If this is what gets you up in the morning, then this Warzone loadout is for you. What you might want to consider is running Overkill and pairing our recommendation for best shotgun, the 725 - Shotgun, with a longer-ranged primary for added versatility. Packing a shotgun in Warzone requires a good deal of sneak and stealth, though, so Ghost ultimately is the better choice perk.


Primary: 725 - Shotgun w/ Tube Extension and Liberator

Secondary: RPG-7

Perks: Ghost or Overkill, Cold-Blooded, Tracker

Lethal: C4

Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor

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