Everything You Need to Know About Hyper Scape

Everything You Need to Know About Hyper Scape

Everything You Need to Know About Hyper Scape

Despite the battle royale space having a few dominant titles, like Fortnite, Apex Legends and Warzone, there still seems to be a desire from other developers to try to get a slice of its pie. Enter Ubisoft Montreal with their offering called Hyper Scape, a futuristic urban first-person BR game that is free-to-play and coming to PC and consoles. In its execution, it feels pretty much like any other standard battle royale game. 100 players are plopped down into a massive arena that shrinks during regular intervals until there’s only one person left standing. It will also include the usual trappings like Battle Passes, loot drops, skins and pinging points of interest.

There are, however, unique aspects to Hyper Scape that separate it from the rest of its ilk. Let’s dive in and see what lies in-store.


Fully Urban Environment

Most battle royale games take cues from the classic Japanese movie where combatants are dropped on an isolated location, such as an island, with a few structures sprinkled around. Hyper Scape deviates from that by pitting players against each other in a fully urban location, complete with tall buildings and streets. The map is designed with verticality in mind, which means access to roofs will be a thing. In many ways, this reminds us of Crackdown’s open world. The map will have eight districts and will reportedly be a place for both combat and living out a more social life.


Hack Your Way to Glory

The narrative behind Hyper Scape is that it’s a virtual world where players dive in to escape the drudgery and monotony of everyday life. As such, players are actually virtual avatars that can take advantage of special Hacks to enhance their combat capabilities. Players in Hyper Scape are called Champions but unlike Apex Legends they don’t have any special abilities on their own. Instead, they make use of these Hacks to change the way they fight. Some Hacks will make you invisible while others will allow you to create walls around others. There are also heal hacks and teleportation hacks, with more to be revealed later on. These hacks, just like weapons, will be scattered around the map for Champions to pick up and make use of.


Fuse and Upgrade

Another key gameplay difference in Hyper Scape is the way weapon power levels work. Instead of needing to actually find higher grades of different weapons, you can upgrade what you already have by picking up hacks and weapons of the same type. This effectively fuses your weapon and hack with the one you picked up. Each weapon and hack can go up by up to five levels. There are also chances of finding weapons of higher grade, even maxed out ones.


Vanishing Point

As mentioned earlier, one feature of BR games is a map that continuously shrinks to get players closer to each other. In Hyper Scape, instead of a closing circle, the map undergoes what is called Decay, effectively deleting sections as a match progresses. Standing in a section undergoing Decay will start dealing damage to you, eventually killing you.


Rise From the Grave

Hyper Scape will also feature squad-based gameplay which will enable reviving fallen teammates. Just like in Apex Legends, you’ll need to hit a Restore Point to bring your fallen comrade back from their virtual death. The difference from Apex Legends is that both the eliminated Champion and their teammates must find the Restore Point. You see, when you’re killed in Hyper Scape, you turn into an Echo which is still part of the game. You can ping enemies and follow your teammates around. Best of all, you can’t be seen. Restoration requires an Echoed Champion to lock onto a Restore Point and a teammate to activate it.


Overall, Hyper Scape has some new bag of tricks to bring to the battle royale space. The decaying battlefield, Echoes, hacks and map verticality all sound like they will make for some intense gameplay that will surely turn a few fan heads. For the time being, the beta of the game is underway and invites can be acquired via Twitch drop.

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