Tips And Tricks On How To Git Gud In Hyper Scape

Tips And Tricks On How To Git Gud In Hyper Scape

Tips And Tricks On How To Git Gud In Hyper Scape

It’s been a little over two months since Ubisoft Montreal dropped “Hyper Scape”, their entry in the battle royale arena of battle royale titles. Yep, that’s a very meta thing we noticed, battle royale games being in a sort of battle royale themselves over who’s going to be the best and the most popular of them all.

While Battlefield V’s “Firestorm” game mode is as average as the game itself, “Hyper Scape” offers something different and unique both in terms of the visuals and in terms of the mechanics. The most obvious things are parts of the map disappearing randomly, the crown, hacks, and weapon modifications - all of these gameplay elements can be strategically combined to get you the upper hand in the struggle to be the GOAT.

In this blog post, we’re bringing you 5 tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your “Hyper Scape” experience.

Here we go…

#1 Dropping In!

Some key concepts when starting a game of “Hyper Scape” are pretty much the same as with other popular battle royale games - you and your team drop down from the sky, hope you don’t fall down on somebody armed to their teeth, and start looting and shooting until you’re the last one standing.

Not everyone starts from the same starting points though - opposing teams will start on opposing ends of the map, and there’s no clear advantage to being on either side. This then means you don’t need to navigate to any particular part of the map, as the longer you take to land, the more likely you’ll be blown to bits by a team who already looted everything from your point of insertion.

So, stick to the basics - drop down as fast as you can (use W to have your pod drop faster), look around you, loot, loot, loot, and start shootin’!

#2 Talking About Loot…

This works slightly differently in “Hyper Scape” than in any other battle royale game. 

The most important thing about loot is that you can fuse two identical items together to create a better piece of equipment, so rather than picking up what you can in the starting area and focusing on blasting away, you’ll have to be more tactical and spend at least 50% of your time searching for a matching piece to upgrade your weapon with. There’s quite a bit of difference between top- and low-tier loot, so make sure you’ve maxed out as soon as you’re able!

#3 The Afterlife

Almost all of the battle royales out there either let you stay on as a spectator after you’ve died, or they give you some sort of a mechanism to attempt to revive yourself or your teammates (our personal favorite is Apex Legends, more on that in one of the next blog posts). 

“Hyper Space” lets you stay on as an Echo, which is quite literally a ghost only your team members will be able to see. In this capacity, you can scout the map out, ping stuff, including enemy locations, all the while hoping your team will kill a nearby enemy and spawn a yellow triangle.

As soon as you see the triangle, organize your team and get there as fast as you can - that’s your one shot at respawning. After a short loading sequence, you’ll be back in the world of the living. Spooky!

#4 Hacking the weapons and weaponizing the Hacks!

We’ve also prepared our top picks for some weapons and hacks you might find especially useful while playing.

For example, Skybreaker can help you take out entire teams if you let it travel far enough, as it’s a plasma-cannon-type thing that increases in power and area-of-effect the further the blast travels.

Teleport is a hack that’s been ever-present as a special power since the dawn of gaming, and it’s no different in “Hyper Scape” - pick it up, activate, and get to where you need to go, including up in the air. One more staple of old-school gaming is available - the Gatling gun, this time called HexFire. And, again - pick it up, point it in the general direction of your enemies, and fire away. After all, the best in life is crushing your enemies and seeing them driven before you, right?!

#5 Get the Crown or Survive Trying!

One last tip is basically a core game mechanic, that you need to pay attention to at all times. Obviously, your first option is to mercilessly and systematically take out everybody on the map and be the last person standing, but if you are in the middle of a really high-octane match with players of similar skills and level, you may not be able to do that. So sit tight, watch your back and pretty much every other direction, and wait for the crown to appear. Once it does, all you need to do is hold it for 45 seconds and you’ve won. One thing we’ve learned the hard way is - don’t camp once you grab it, because you won’t survive. You just won’t’. Quit camping.

And that’s it! We hope you’ve enjoyed our 5 tips and tricks on how to git gud in “Hyper Scape”. Let’s get to it now! 

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