Top 10 Best Scout Rifles in Destiny 2

Top 10 Best Scout Rifles in Destiny 2

Top 10 Best Scout Rifles in Destiny 2

Scout Rifles in Destiny 2 are made for those who thrive under long-ranged circumstances while being able to hold their own at mid-range. Although this weapon class doesn’t quite deliver in the big boom department like Sniper Rifles do, a lot of Scout Rifles can be deadly and efficient in the right hands.


We’ve done the research, crunched the numbers, and deliver onto you the top 10 best Destiny 2 scout rifles so you don’t have to.


10. Nameless Midnight


Bland appearance aside, the Nameless Midnight is a popular Scout Rifle for both PVP and PVE activities. What it lacks in stability it makes up for with superior accuracy and well-balanced rate of fire. The perk that truly makes it a tool worth noting, though, is Explosive Payload which extends its effective range. Pick it up from Zavala for Vanguard Tactician Tokens.


9. MIDA Multi-Tool


The MIDA Multi-Tool is one of the Destiny universe’s most prized weapons, a Scout Rifle that every Guardian worth their salt knows about. Its trait grants increased movement speed, making it a superb choice for players of the hit-and-run ilk. On top of that, Hand-Laid Stock makes its recoil considerably lower. To top it off, this beast boasts a perk that keeps the radar active while aiming down sights.


8. Symmetry


Probably the sexiest looking weapon on this list, Symmetry is an Exotic Scout Rifle introduced in the Shadowkeep expansion. It’s not just all looks, though. Its trait allows the weapon to be fired at full auto, making it an effective weapon for dealing with enemies at various ranges. Holding reload will shift this beast into Arc Seeker mode which makes its projectiles track enemies.


7. Imperative


If you want all the joys of sniping without the slowness that comes with it, grab yourself an Imperative which has all the advantages minus the drawbacks. This high impact, long-range Scout Rifle boasts improved accuracy when you’re aiming down sights. With the right stats, the Imperative can feel like an in-built cheat.



6. No Feelings


Destiny 2’s Calus raid is where you can find one of the most fun Scout Rifles in the game. No Feelings will make you feel like an ice-cold killer thanks to its lightning-fast Time to Kill. Aiming down sights for a short period of time before pulling the trigger grants the weapon increased Precision Damage and Range. Combine this with a perk that keeps your radar active, like the Hunter exotic Knucklehead Radar, and you’re in business.


5. Skyburner’s Oath


One of the most versatile Scout Rifles on this list. While it’s generally not impressive in terms of raw damage (Cabal enemies notwithstanding), Skyburner’s Oath makes up for it with the Slug Rifle trait that enables it to shoot large explosive slugs during hip fire. The slugs’ range becomes longer when aiming down sights at a reduced rate of fire. It can be obtained through exotic Engrams and activities.


4. Randy’s Throwing Knife


This Scout Rifle is a Crucible beast for the Destiny 2 Guardian who’s accepting all takers. Randy’s Throwing Knife has two powerful PvP perks with Rapid-Fire Frame that provides extra ammo reserves and faster reload speed when empty, as well as Zen Moment for keeping Stability high. The icing on the cake is Kill Clip which will help keep the body count up.


3. Braytech RWP Mk II


Why are we including the downgraded step of the Polaris Lance? Listen carefully, Guardian. This Scout Rifle is one of the best Legendaries in the game. It pretty much has all of Polaris Lance’s perks with the exception of Triple Tap. Don’t sideline this just because it’s a quest requirement. It’s a beast of a weapon.


2. The Jade Rabbit


We know The Jade Rabbit is a strange pick for the number 2 spot but bear with us. The Fate of all Fools is an amazing perk as it permits a margin of error with body shots not feeling wasted. Thanks to precision shots returning ammo to the magazine, this weapon can keep a Guardian going indefinitely with the right amount of skill. If that isn’t enough, the added stability from Zen Moment is just icing on the (carrot) cake.


1. Polaris Lance


Every Scout Rifle user in Destiny 2 wants two things to make them feel powerful. Godlike control through Fitted Stock and bottomless mags. For those who enjoy blowing up heads, extra damage is granted after every 4 precision shots to the next bullet via the Perfect Fifth perk. Overall, Polaris Lance is simple in its execution which makes it an incredible weapon for almost any circumstance.

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