Welcome to Airdrop Gaming, Home of the HipShotDot!

Welcome to Airdrop Gaming, Home of the HipShotDot!

Welcome to Airdrop Gaming, Home of the HipShotDot!

 We’d like to thank you for dropping by Airdrop Gaming. We’re here to make you a better gamer, and we do that by giving you advantages that keep your opponents in your crosshairs. Whether you’re here to check out our red dot aim assist or are looking for passive crosshair stickers, you’re going to be able to do so much more with just a little bit of money. Have you seen other people get better at Fortnight in an inexplicably short amount of time? Have you been wondering how to get better at first-person shooters and third-person shooters? We’re an easy answer.

Airdrop Gaming designed the HipShotDot, and we use it all the time to dominate in our own games. But the HipShotDot is just one part of the arsenal you can get from us. Let’s take a look at everything we offer.

The Original HipShotDot Red Dot Aim Assist

The HipShotDot is a red dot sight for gaming. This tiny device is powered by the USB slot on your gaming console, or any other device that provides power via USB. You simply place the light-up red dot right over your gun sights and press down on the suction cup. Another suction cup keeps the thin USB wire taut (and after a while playing a game, your eyes don’t even see the wire anymore in the heat of battle). Put the red dot on an enemy and BAM, no more enemy.

There are two basic ways that our red dot aim assist helps. First, it helps when you don’t have sights up. Here’s the thing about nearly every first-person and third-person shooter that’s ever been made — your sights don’t move from dead center. While everything else in the game can be going crazy, your sights will always be right in the middle of your screen. The HipShot red dot takes advantage of this by letting you know exactly where your sights are even when they’re gone for some reason. The most common way that it helps people is by letting them shoot directly from the hip, which means you don’t have to pull up your iron sights. It can also be helpful in third-person shooters where you’re hiding behind something and you won’t get a crosshair unless you come out of our cover. If you’re playing a TPS and can shoot from cover while still keeping your head down (Gears of War comes to mind), the red dot lets you know where the exact center of your screen is. Blind firing is no longer blind firing!

The second way that our red dot sight for gaming helps is by giving you a focal point that you can’t ignore. Reticles change size based on the type of weapon you’ve picked, and they can often be nerfed so much that they’re made hard to see (snipers being a good example; game developers don’t want you to use them unless you’re zoomed in). With our red dot aim assist, you’re not going to have to go looking for your reticle because it’s right there saying “look at me, don’t ignore me, put me over the bad guy to win!”

Monitor Crosshair Stickers

The monitor crosshair stickers we designed come from the same need that made us create the HipShotDot. With so many games, you don’t know where the center of the screen is unless you bring up the iron sights. This means time lost when you could be shooting! (Games also change your turning speed before and after you bring up the sights, which can be hard to get used to if you’re just starting on a new game.)

Just shoot from the hip! That’s what our crosshair overlay stickers are all about. They’ll always let you know where your bullets are going to land. This can give you a huge advantage over someone who doesn't have anything on their monitor or television telling them where their iron sights would be.

We have designed 45 different crosshair stickers for monitor and TV gaming, ranging from a single, small dot (The Death Dot) to much more complex stickers that mimic sci-fi weapons or snipers. They’re also reusable and leave no residue on either televisions or monitors.

Speaking of computer monitors, some of them are more delicate than others. To be safe, always be sure to put a monitor crosshair sticker on first before using your red dot aim assist. We have the perfect pack for just such an occasion, the D-Series Bundle that has a crosshair sticker and our HipShotDot in one package.

Finally, why would someone choose a monitor crosshair sticker over a HipShotDot? Well, some people just like a simpler approach to finding the center of the screen during emergency situations, and they find the red dot a bit overwhelming. To each his or her own. We’re here to make you better at FPS and TPS no matter your preference, so we offer both the crosshair overlays and powered red dot aim assists.

Kotion Gaming Headsets

At Airdrop Gaming, we’re all about making you the best gamer you can be for the least amount of money possible. (We also want to make it happen in as short a time as possible without spending 100s of hours on every hot game.) Our HipShotDot isn’t going to set you back much, and you get nine of our crosshair overlay stickers for under $10.

Which brings us to gaming headsets. Gaming headsets are another crucial piece of equipment to get if you want to join a squad and keep the information flowing as much as possible. They’re absolutely integral to both playing a game and getting the most out of it. It can let you know when an enemy is coming around the corner or when that Warthog is about to splatter you.

You could spend hundreds of dollars on a gaming headset, but remember what we just said...we want to make you the best gamer for the least amount of money. That’s why we offer Kotion headsets, which we consider the best gaming headphone for under 100 dollars. In fact, they’re comfortable gaming headsets for way under that, topping out at about $40. Not bad at all, considering what they can do for your game.

Ready To Game?

Of course you are! We’re just here to help you game better. Click on those links above to find exactly what you're looking for.


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