Buyers Guide

Okay, so you want to get better at Fortnite or some other third-person shooter. Or maybe you want to get better at FPS games. No problem, because we have the fastest, easiest way to improve your gameplay, and it’s not going to cost you hundreds of hours of your life to make it happen. Let’s take a look at some advice on how to make your buying decisions here at AirDrop Gaming.

Which HipShotDot Should I Buy When Using A Television?

We’ve got one  red dot sight for gaming, and that’s the HipShotDot. This is the latest version of our revolutionary aim assist, making it easier for you to take a bead on your opponent.

Which HipShotDot Should I Use With A Gaming Monitor?

Gaming monitors can be more susceptible to damage because of the suction cup our red dot aim assist uses, so in addition to purchasing the same HipShotDot that you’d use with a television, we recommend using one of our removable/reusable monitor crosshair stickers for extra protection. We even have a bundle of the two together, so all you have to do is  click here to get our red dot aim assist and your choice of a pack of stickers.

Which Crosshair Overlay Stickers Should I Get?

That’s entirely up to you! In most cases, our  crosshair decals are a personal choice, and you can get them in red, yellow, and/or green. What people buy is often determined by their favorite weapons, and different genres (modern war, historical war, sci-fi) can be enhanced by your favorite crosshair overlay stickers.

Crosshair decals are a great way to turn the default crosshair size that the video game itself offers into something a little easier to see. Want a bloop gun sites on your sniper? That’s what we’re here for!

If you’re using a computer monitor (instead of a TV), you should definitely use monitor crosshair stickers so that the screen isn’t damaged. But if you aren’t interested in the actual design of the sticker, we recommend the  Death Dot pack. This is the most low-profile sticker, visually speaking.

Should I Get A Gaming Headset?

Absolutely. If you don’t have a good pair of headphones, you’re really not fully enjoying the game that you spent your money on. Headphones bring the game to life when you’re playing the campaign, but they can be a lifesaver if you’re playing multiplayer. Most television and computer speakers are lacking when it comes to sound, which just gets thrown at you in a muddy mess. When you wear a good  gaming headset, you’ll be able to hear the panting of the guy coming up to assassinate you so you can turn around for a smackdown. We even have bundles so that you can  get a headset and our red dot sight for gaming together.

And let’s not forget about communication. Not only is the sound there for you to receive orders from your team leader, but it’s necessary when you’re playing on a team and need to talk back to them. The headsets that come with consoles aren’t comfortable and aren’t going to cut it when you need clear communication with your team.

Should I Get A Gaming Chair?

How often do you game? If you’re gaming more than a few days a week, most chairs and couches are going to start giving you pains before too long. They simply don’t have enough back support.

“I’m young,” you might think, “I can handle it.” Can you handle losing? Because when you don’t have a gaming chair, you tend to slump. That means you’re not nearly as alert as you could be, despite the number of Red Bulls you might have had. If you want to remain alert without the jitters, you need a  professional gaming chair for both comfort and kills.

Should I Get A Medic Bundle?

So you’re looking for a red dot on screen for gaming...why would you need two?

Our  Medic Bundle is actually a lot more popular than you might think. With the Medic Bundle, you get two of the same red dot aim assists. The advantage is that you can get one for your television and one for your gaming monitor and won’t have to keep taking it off and replacing it every time. If you’re a dedicated gamer, you don’t want to waste the time whenever you sit down to game.