Worlds Best Decal

Everything That Goes Into Creating
the World's Best Decal.

We spent over a month consulting with multiple experts in design and
printing to create the D-Series.

The number one goal?

Quality decals that attach and remove easily over and over with zero
harm to your TV or monitor.

Finding the Best Way Stick

We tried multiple base substrates before landing on what we use today.

Some tapes will leave a residue. Or you may even scratch your monitor
or TV while trying to remove basic tape.

Self-clinging decals, such as holiday decorations for your room window,
don’t work on computer monitors at all.

Finally we found a mild adhesive backer that works perfectly. It can
be used multiple times as long as you take care of it.

Highest-Quality Printing and Suppliers

We tried online services for "stickers".

The quality wasn’t good enough.

It turns out the best option was right here at home.

Our current printer uses state-of-the-art printing machinery. The
alignment is perfect
. And they’re local. Right here in Holland,

Our material supplier, also local, creates labels and decals for Fortune
500 companies.

Gamer-Focused Crosshair Designs

We wanted to make sure we offered enough aim sight decal styles per
pack for you to appreciate and value.

All styles being inspired by gamers and game genres.

And designed by our talented graphic designer, who is also an avid