Destiny 2 Levelling Guide for Lapsed Players

Destiny 2 Levelling Guide for Lapsed Players

Destiny 2 Levelling Guide for Lapsed Players

The new Season of Arrivals of Destiny 2 is now upon us and after a very intriguing live stream outlining the future of the game, lapsed players are flocking back in droves. Depending on how long it’s been since you last played, however, you might notice more than a few changes. Destiny 2, for the most part, remains quite familiar but changes to how Power levels work and where gear drops can feel like it’s all topsy turvy.

If you’re just returning after a long or short hiatus, knowing how Power levels work with relation to drops better help you make decisions for your play sessions. In this guide, we will outline how you can get to the level cap to start doing some of the more challenging content in Destiny 2.

In essence, Destiny 2’s levelling is about hitting specific soft caps. Each of these milestones offers its own array of activities that will help you reach them. What’s important to note is that as you progress, things become slower but in return, you gain access to more challenging content.


Getting to Power Level 1000

Regardless of how far behind you are when you return, you’ll have to reach the first soft cap which is Power level 1000. The process of achieving this is quite straightforward and hitting the cap can be done by playing casually. All blue gear that drops will be scaled above your current Power level, meaning you can do all activities that are tailored to you until you reach 1000.

Our recommendation, unless you have a piece of gear you absolutely enjoy using, is to avoid infusing these blues into purple and exotic gear. Even just by simply having them in your inventory will trigger higher level drops to be generated. Reserve infusing for after you reach 1000.

Another way to get onto the Power Level 1000 fast track is to do activities that reward Powerful engrams. Simply do the ones listed below:

  • Complete a total of eight bounties - weekly and/or daily - received from Zavala, Banshee-44, Lord Shaxx or the Drifter
  • Complete three Nightmare hunts on the moon at any difficulty
  • Complete three Nighfall ordeals weekly
  • Rank up Crucible Valor and Glory or Gambit Infamy
  • Decrypt Prime engrams


Reaching Greater Heights

Once you’re at Power level 1000 you can begin acquiring Pinnacle engrams. While these can also be acquired for fast-tracking to 1000, it’s better to focus on them once you’re past the initial soft cap. Here’s a list of activities and criteria for getting Pinnacle engrams:

  • Complete three strikes while using a subclass with an element that matches that of the strike’s singe modifier
  • Complete three Gambit matches of any type
  • Complete the weekly “Interference” quest
  • Complete a run of the Nighfall ordeal with at least 100,000 score
  • Complete four core Crucible matches
  • Finish a Master Nightmare hunt

As you place yourself on the path of improving your Power level, it’s important to collect as many Upgrade Module and Enhancement cores as possible. These allow you to infuse and upgrade pieces of gear you like and are invaluable for levelling past 1000. The best way to get these is to tackle Banshee-44’s bounties - daily and weekly - as early on and regularly as possible.

After you’ve passed the Power level 1000 soft cap, you’ll be better able to do the Means to an End questline which will make you get acquainted with the Prismatic Recaster and Umbral Engram focusing. The first three focuses are free and once decoded at the Umbral Decoder will give you gear that will help you skyrocket to greater heights.


Going Beyond

Once you’ve reached Power Level 1050, the sky’s pretty much the limit. On what you can do in Destiny 2. As we said earlier, level progression becomes significantly slower so if you’ve enjoyed the initial rush of the level 1000 climb, you might want to consider working on a couple of other characters. Either way, getting ready for the Beyond Light expansion is quite easy and enjoyable even if you don’t plan on partaking in any high-level activities like raids.

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