Warface Tips For Beginners

Warface Tips For Beginners

Warface Tips For Beginners

There are a lot of free to play FPS games out there but few have been able to amass the 13 million concurrent players that Warface has. Since its 2013 release on PC, Crytek’s fast-paced shooter has been building up a strong following whilst further developing its gameplay and features. Today, 7 years later, Warface is a different beast compared to its launch incarnation, including its own flavor of the battle royale pie.


With so many players, modes and options, it can be quite daunting for a fresh player to get started. If you’re one of them, we’ve got you covered with some tips to help you get boots on the ground ASAP.


Hungry for Heads

You’ve heard it so many times before. Headshots are the most important thing to learn in any FPS and Warface is no different. Even if you’re a seasoned digital soldier, though, you might want to take note of the game’s fast pace and unique mobility options. By now, most veteran players are used to both the game’s short time-to-kill (TTK) and quick slides. On top of that, you rank up quite quickly in Warface. It’s therefore vital to get as much headshot practice as possible early on where everyone around you is still green. Take particular note of people practising sliding as they will be predictable, giving you a chance to build your reactions.


Quick on Your Feet

Compared to other FPS titles, Warface has the standard set of movement options, including going prone. This means that you make use of the popular dropshot technique. In a nutshell, by suddenly going prone during firefights, you can surprise opponents and force them to shift their aim.


Besides prone, Warface has a couple of other unique mobility options. Sliding is nothing new to the FPS genre but it’s absent from most of the popular titles. Aside from enabling you to go through tighter spots, it can also serve as another way to surprise your foes.


Another unique feature of Warface is climbing spots. These aren’t your typical ladders, however, as they require two teammates to get to vantage points. One player crouches down and boost their teammate up. The crouching player can choose to either get pulled up or remain on the ground. Make sure you take advantage of your squad squatting in wait to boost somebody as this will give you the higher ground advantage.


Sensitive with Your Settings

As we mentioned earlier in this post, Warface is a fast-paced shooter where quick movement and lightning-fast reactions are key. You’ll quickly realise that the default settings don’t quite cut the mustard. Start by binding your slide and prone keys to Q and E. You’ll need to use both of these as much as possible so keeping them close to your WASD will make you faster. Couple this with higher mouse sensitivity. The surefire way to get yourself belly-up is turning around at a snail’s pace while your foes are taking shots from all directions. Tweak your mouse sensitivity until you find the perfect balance between speed and accuracy that works for you.


Objective with your Goals

Warface includes a smorgasbord of PvP modes ranging from team deathmatch to battle royale and bomb planting. Once you’re bored with team deathmatch, you’ll want to branch out to more objective-based modes. As a final tip for this guide, it’s important to stay on target instead of your stats. A lot of players tend to look at their KDA instead of playing the map objectives. This is a surefire way to meet defeat. Don’t be the guy who does this. Learn the objectives and how they work in each map. Focus on achieving victory for your team. Better stats will come with time.


Warface is a rewarding FPS that will challenge your skills in terms of reactions and mobility. By following our tips, you’ll be battle-ready in no time. Play the objective. Adjust your settings. Use all mobility options at your disposal. Aim for the head. And of course, remember to have fun!

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