Exercises You Can Do When Playing Video Games With Our Red Dot Aim Assist

Exercises You Can Do When Playing Video Games With Our Red Dot Aim Assist

In a recent article, we detailed seven New Year’s resolution suggestions when it comes to video games. One of the resolutions we talked about was to get more exercise, because — and trust us on this — we know how addictive gaming can be and how easy it is to spend eight hours on the couch or in a gaming chair. After all, when you’re dominating with our red dot aim assist or our monitor crosshair stickers, it can be hard to stop. (Even though playing video games for too long a stretch can kill you.)

We’re happy to tell you that there are ways to get some exercise in even when you’re in the middle of long gaming sessions. We’re talking about the downtime between games, those times when one match is over and you’re waiting to connect to the next. There are usually three-to-four minutes where most players are just mindlessly checking the previous game’s stats or needlessly changing the colors of their avatar. Instead of wasting that time, you can exercise!

Here’s the really good news: moving around can improve your game as well. Maybe not quite as much as a red dot aim assist like the HipShotDot, but it can improve your game and help your body at the same time. Here are some of the best exercises to do to make the best use of your downtime.


Stretching is one of the easiest things you can do in order to increase your circulation, and it ensures you stay alert as well.

  • Touch Your Toes - It might sound easy, but fewer and fewer Americans can touch their toes with their knees locked. Try today, then try again tomorrow. You’ll slowly get closer and closer to your piggies. After you’ve succeeded, try touching the floor. Then try palming the floor.
  • Reach For the Ceiling - Just stand up and reach for the ceiling; this stretches your arm and back muscles.
  • Door Stretch - Most of us are unconsciously slumping our shoulders when we play video games, and that leads to low energy. Stand in a doorway with your arms on either door jamb, then slowly step through the door in order to stretch your shoulders back into a more upright position. You can also raise your arms along the door jamb to stretch further.
  • Flex Your Wrists - For most people, the only time their hand position changes is when they’re throwing the controller across the room. In order to prevent wrist fatigue, try Nirschl exercises. This is incredibly simple and involves gently pulling your palmed hand back with your opposing hand.


Keep some weights next to your couch or gaming chair. When the match ends, pick them up and do some curls, then drop them when you’re back in the game. Here’s the cool thing: you get some reps in, and then your match gives you a ten-minute rest. By the time the match is over, your muscles are ready to go again. We bet you’ll notice results in under a week.

Run The Stairs

If you’re in a house with stairs, you can get some good cardio in really quickly. Just see how many times you can run up and down the stairs between your matches. You’ll get your heart moving and improve your leg strength as well. Plus, it’s going to help with circulation.


When you slump down in a couch (and we mean in, not on), you’re not using your core muscles. If you do that for too long, they can atrophy.

In those few minutes between matches, you could be strengthening your core muscles by planking. Planking can involve the traditional plank (holding yourself up in the “up” position of a push-up for as long as you can) or the elbow plank (holding yourself on your elbows, with your elbows directly under your shoulders). Click that link to find out how to do a proper plank.

Want To Improve Your Game?

Trust us, these work. Exercising just a little bit perks you up and makes you a better player. We should know, we did them all this weekend. Plus they work with professional Overwatch players, so we’ve got that to back us up.

If you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level, you can make it happen easily. One, get some exercising in. Two, grab our red dot aim assist and monitor crosshair stickers. We’re not going to sell you exercise equipment, but we can help you with the aim dot. Click here!


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