But What About Accuracy? Our Aim Dot Has That Covered

But What About Accuracy? Our Aim Dot Has That Covered

Okay, okay, we know what you’re thinking. “When I shoot from the hip, I’m not nearly as accurate.” And yeah, it’s something we should probably address. In many games, it’s true that when your weapon is “at the hip,” the game will randomize your bullets over a wider area. (In the end, it depends on the game and how they coded it.) But you don’t always need to be as accurate, and that’s one of the benefits of our television aim dot...it handles both the enemies that are up close and the ones that are in your face. Let’s take a look at how our monitor crosshair stickers and FPS screen dot can work to your advantage.

You Can Still Use Iron Sights and Scopes

We’re always talking about how our red dot aim assist can help you shoot from the hip, which is very true. But it’s not like using our aim dot prevents you from using your iron sights or scope. The fact is, it’s helping you when your sights are up and when your sights are down.

The whole point of using the HipShotDot or our monitor crosshair stickers is to keep track of the exact location you’re firing on. Usually that’s determined by the reticle, but reticles can get lost in the action. They’re either made smaller by the developers in order to a) making power weapons harder to use, or b) make real-work weapons more realistic in the game. Sure, you want your iron sights on your grease gun to look realistic in the campaign, because you don’t want a big red dot taking you out of the reality of the game. But it’s a different story (pun intended) when you’re in online combat. It’s hard to believe you’re really in WW2 when there are points popping out of someone you shoot, so adding something futuristic to an old gun — such as our red dot sight for gaming — isn’t going to distract you from your online match.

Smaller Maps Mean Closer Weapons

Not all of us are interested in 1 vs The World like in Fortnite, or 40 vs 40 in Battlefront. Some of us enjoy things a little bit more compact, a more intimate space in which to assassinate someone and teabag them into rage quitting.

If you’re more of a 4 vs 4 type of player, you’ll probably be using less accurate, faster-firing weapons when you’re chasing people around corners. If that’s the case, then you’re going to be running into the enemy constantly, and when they’re right in front of you then even the most inaccurate weapon is going to be hitting them 100 percent. Your aim dot on screen is going to let you take care of them without slowing your turning ability or taking the animation time to pull up the iron sights.

Using A HipShotDot For Fortnite

Thinking of getting a HipShotDot for Fortnite? You’re not alone. We have people stopping by every day in order to help them survive longer in the addictive game.

That’s not to say the game is perfect. Many hardcore gamers get tired of it because the accuracy of weapons is a bit too fluffy. In other words, you don’t have to be very accurate in order to actually hit something. So if even a noob can take you down when they’re zoomed in with their rifle, how can you best them?

Here’s the answer: don’t zoom in! Instead of bringing up your weapon to be more accurate, leave it at your side and unload with your HipShotDot. Like we said, Fortnite isn’t known for its accuracy, so just put our red dot aim assist on your television (or on your computer monitor in conjunction with a monitor crosshair sticker) and get the sights without having to pull that left trigger.

Accuracy Is Taken Care of With Our Aim Dot

While you’ve been reading this article, more HipShotDots have sold...each sale has popped up on our monitor. That means other people are getting an advantage that you don’t have, saving frames and loadouts thanks to our little USB powered red aim dot. If you want to level the playing field against them and get a leg up on those who haven’t found it yet, click here to get your own.


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