Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Our Red Dot Sight For Gaming

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Our Red Dot Sight For Gaming?

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Our Red Dot Sight For Gaming?

You’ve seen our videos, you’ve read the description, and you’ve heard the hype about our red dot sight for gaming called the HipShotDot. Maybe you have a friend who can’t stop talking about it, maybe you read about it on a gaming forum. No matter, because we’re glad you’re here checking out our red dot aim assist.

So if the HipShotDot is so great, why isn’t absolutely everyone in the world using one?

They Don’t Know About It Yet

There are just some people who simply don’t know about the HipShotDot. Heck, some people don’t even know about crosshair overlay stickers, and some version of them has been around since the days of GoldenEye!

When you think about it, there aren’t many brands and gadgets in the world that absolutely everyone knows about. While the popularity of HipShotDot has grown over the years, people are still learning about it. If you’ve been to LAN parties, maybe you’ve seen them. If you game exclusively online, maybe you haven’t.

They’re Not Huge Into FPS and TPS

This is the most obvious reason someone might choose to not use red dot sight for gaming: they don’t play many (or any) FPS or TPS. Some people are into platformers, some into fighting games, and others into racing games.

What would they need with a HipShot red dot? Probably not much. Our gaming assist was made by a gamer for gamers, and it’s made to do one thing: make you better at a particular type of game. It might be worthless in a racing sim, but it’s indispensable in a shooter.

They Might Not Care About Their K/D

Some of us don’t mind the eight seconds of downtime during respawns because it lets us take a bite of supper. Many of us love gaming so much that we just don’t understand the idea of “casual gamer.” If you can’t wait to get home at night because you’ve got a squad waiting for you to join up, then you’re probably worried about your K/D ratio.

But some people are just there for fun (and some just to troll and betray). There are those out there who casually buy FPS and TPS and casually play them, and when they die it’s not a big deal and after an hour or so they turn them off. Sure, a red dot aim assist might get them a few more kills, but it really doesn’t matter to them.

They’re Going Pro

We’ve talked a lot about how using our red dot aim assist isn’t cheating. It’s available to everyone, it isn’t a mod, and it shouldn’t be considered different from any other upgrade that people purchase (such as a bigger TV, a newer computer, or a faster internet connection).

Still, we wouldn’t count on our red dot sight for gaming to be allowed in tournaments anytime soon. Even though tournaments will let people use some specialized equipment, like mice and keyboards, we just have a sneaking suspicion that they’re not going to let people put a glowing dot in the middle of their screens.

CTA Crosshair Decals

It Doesn’t Match The Decor

Look, we get it...the man cave isn’t finished yet. The wife won’t allow a TV in the bedroom. The TV in the kitchen is 15” diagonally. And the only big TV in the house is in the living room, and it’s hung so high that you can’t reach the center easily in order to place the HipShotDot. And since you’re not the only one to use the TV, our gadget isn’t necessarily practical unless you have a five-hour gaming session on the weekends. (Still, this shouldn’t be too big of a deal. Our red dot aim assist only takes seconds to stick on a screen that you can easily reach.)

Sometimes the HipShotDot isn’t for everyone just due to their gaming options. Yes, they want to use it, but it’s just a bit impractical for their lives right now. Now worries; when the time comes, they’ll get at least one that they can leave on the screen as long as they want.

The Cord

We were playing Gear of War 4 the other day, and somehow the “Recent Achievements” box got stuck onscreen. It was taking up a fair amount of real estate on the screen, and it didn’t even go away after a restart. And as annoying as it was during cutscenes, we never saw it once during gameplay (even though it was always there). When you’re playing an action-filled game, you can ignore stuff like that as easily as you ignore a HUD.

When it comes to the cord that plugs into a USB device in order to power our red dot aim assist, most people think “oh, that must be annoying to have it up against the screen like that.” But then they try it and don’t even notice it after about 20 minutes. It just blends into the background, because you’re not looking at the cord...you’re looking at the action on screen.

BUT...every so often there’s someone who just can’t get past the whole idea of the cord. It might be one out of a hundred people who are bothered by it, but it’s still a possible reason someone might choose to not use our glowing red dot aim assist.

Ready To Rule?

Let’s go down the list:

  • You’re here, so you know about the HipShotDot
  • You found it, so you’re pretty serious about your gameplay
  • You’ve sought it out, so you’re serious about how to get better at FPS and/or TPS and improve your K/D
  • You’re probably not going pro. It would be nice, but it’s unlikely
  • You’ve got a TV that you have a great deal of control over
  • You’re one of the 99/100 people who won’t even notice the cord is there.

Alright, sounds like you’re ready to make full use of our red dot sight for gaming. It’s time to use the third- and first-person shooter tip that others have learned: use a HipShotDot.


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