8 Reasons To Shoot From the Hip With The HipShotDot Aim Dot

8 Reasons To Shoot From the Hip With The HipShotDot Aim Dot

So, you’re thinking about getting an aim dot to help you with FPS games, one that can also improve your TPS matches? You’re not alone. We sell these red dot aim assists (and the companion monitor crosshair stickers) everyday, because more and more people want to get better at first-person shooters and other games that always have the target area right in the middle of the screen.

In most games, you’re going to get an assist from the game if you zoom in or bring up your iron sights. But, as you’ll see from our points below, there are actually quite a few disadvantages to using the iron sights when you don’t have to. Here’s why you might want to consider using our aim dot when playing a first-person shooter.

The Aim Dot Avoids Zooms

Ever since the very first game to use iron sights came out (Vietcong in 2003), the landscape has zoomed in whenever you lift your weapon to stare down the sights. Game designers work very hard to make this seem natural, and most of the time they do a pretty good job.

But it doesn’t really make sense, does it? If you stare down the sights of a real gun, you might get more accurate, but it’s not like world zooms in around you and the target appears closer. It’s actually a very strange thing to happen, if you think about it. That zooming effect is basically shorthand for “you’re going to get more accurate now.” But it’s also throwing your brain for a little loop. While we tend to get used to it, it’s still not natural. Our aim dot avoids this problem.

FPS Screen Dots Save Time

In games with iron sights, we’ve been trained that you absolutely have to use them. The games give you a less-than-adequate reticle or takes it away entirely, making it much more difficult to shoot from the hip. Unfortunately, the animation that brings up your iron sights takes time, which costs you time when trying to respond to enemy movement.

We all know that games can be won by frames, so why waste the frames it takes to pull up your iron sights? Shoot from the hip with our FPS screen dot that sticks to your television.

You Don’t Have To Wait For the Larger Reticle

Most games aren’t going to take your reticle away entirely when you’re shooting from the hip, but they will almost certainly make it smaller. They’re simply making it more difficult for you to see, because they want you to have to bring up your sights. When you do, they’re probably giving you a better sight as a “reward” for playing the game “correctly.”

Don’t wait for the reward! When you use our red dot aim assist, you’re going to be able to keep a nice, big, clear red dot right in the center of the screen, which makes it easier to “put red dot on bad guy, pull trigger, repeat, win.”

You’re Not Losing Your FOV

Bringing up iron sights also reduces your field of view every time you bring up the sights. That means that you’re losing part of your wide-angle vision; you’re simply not seeing everything on the screen. Enemies, allies, vehicles: you’re missing out because you brought up your iron sights. See a lot more of the field with our aim dot!

Muscle Memory Gets You Killed

Like we said, we’ve been trained to use iron sights. It all started 15 years ago and has become the industry standard (even infecting Halo whether you like it or not. Seriously, 343, every weapon has to have some sort of sight-boost now?! Who’s zooming with the pro pipe, anyway?)

Sorry, got off on a rant. Anyway, there are times when bringing up the iron sights gets you killed. When you’re so used to pulling them up, you do so even when you don’t need to. When an enemy is a few feet from you, you should just unload a clip on them. But what happens? Muscle memory causes you to bring up the sights, and you slow down and lose your wide-angle FOV. While you’re spinning around like a doofus trying to find him, he’s behind you meleeing you into K/D oblivion. Shoot from the hip with the HipShotDot!

And speaking of slowed turns...

Turns Aren’t Slowed With Our Red Dot Aim Assist

When you bring up the iron sights it slows down your thumbstick so that you can get a bead on the bad guy. But it’s slowing you down! Keep your gun at your hip and blast away as your claw-jumping enemy bounces around like a kangaroo.

It Saves One More Digit Movement

Look, we know you’re good with your controller. You’ve practiced enough that you can move your digits around to every button and trigger with lightning-fast speed. If you put a video camera on your hands and played a game, you’d probably be absolutely amazed at how fast and accurate your fingers and thumbs move. Amazingly, you really don’t have to think about it at all.

But...what if you could take a step out of the process, leaving that left trigger alone by leaving your iron sights down? It frees it up that finger for your bumpers, and also gives you a better grip so that you can be more accurate with your left thumbstick. Will it make a difference? Order our FPS screen dot and find out!

You Won’t Lose Your Radar

If you’re a Halo player, you know how important your radar can be. (Okay, maybe not in Halo 5, because they nerfed that thing into oblivion.) But if you have a game that uses radar to let you know where friendlies and enemies are, you’ll probably lose it whenever you use a scoped or iron-sighted weapon. If you want to keep your radar and make the most of your rifle, it seems like a red FPS screen dot would do you some good.

Order Your Red Aim Dot Today!

Do you need any more reasons to try out our red dot aim assist? The fact is, game designers have made the game more difficult if you’re not playing it their way. They want to make it as balanced as possible, but by doing so they’re taking away your opportunity to dominate in your preferred FPS. And don't forget, it doesn't take your iron sights away, it just gives you more versatility. 

If you’re convinced, it’s time to order our red dot aim assist. You’ll be amazed at how it helps you take a bead on your enemies better than ever, no matter what weapon is your favorite. Click here to grab our Medic Pack, with two HipShotDot aim dots. Use them on multiple TVs, or give them to a squadmate so that you can both improve your game. After that, be sure to get back to us to tell us how your K/D has improved.


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